Habits and Behaviours v. 2017

Which habits and behaviours should you keep, drop, or add in 2017 to get closer to your goals?
Charlie Gilkey

2016 has been year one of what has always been planned as a two-year transition. The focus in 2016 has been to close out old ways of being. 2017 is about planting the seeds for the new way.

Successful habits that I have been cultivating and want to nurture and see grow into full health include many aspects of care of the inside of my home, better eating, deeper connecting with my kids, more courageous work, and holding stronger personal boundaries.

Habits I wish to drop in 2017 include assuming negative outcomes, social isolation, overuse of Facebook as a medium for connecting with personal friends, living life at the last minute, and working while my kids are home.

I wish to replace the habits I am dropping with exercise, self-compassion, planned healthy eating, planned vacations, inviting people to social interactions, picking up the phone and calling people instead of using text or Facebook to connect, and focusing on family activities when my kids are home.

This is part of Quest 2017, a 12-prompt process for annual planning. The prompt was provided by Charlie Gilkey, author of The Small Business Life Cycle.