Ready to Adapt?

Today we all have a choice: We can take risks and actions to ensure that we adapt with the constantly changing times or we can hope for the best and do nothing. Adapt from within or you may be forced to adapt from without. Are you ready?
Linda Rottenberg

Adapt From Within

This is the heart of what I help my clients do.
This is the heart of what I have been doing in my life for the past year.
I know the power of adapting to changing circumstances
This is what I am resisting doing as a business owner.

Why Am I Resisting?

Like everybody else who resists adapting to change, I am resisting because of fear.

The situation I am adapting to is that after over 13 years as a stay-at-home parent, I must now earn enough money single-handedly to support a family of 5. In addition to all of the standard challenges of returning to the workforce after such a long break, I have the desire for a relatively flexible schedule to continue to be available on a moment’s notice to deal with issues that arise at school.

The reality of the school issues is that they are not as bad as they have been. My body and mind are still holding fear from the years when I was in the school more days than not. But the current reality is that I am rarely called on during the school day any more.

I started building my coaching business when I needed flexible hours and could not have a full-time job. Now, the business needs to generate more income but doesn’t need me to be so available.

But, my fear that I will fail my children in an hour of need if I fill my schedule still operates. I must adapt to the new situation and trust that I can adapt in the moment if a crisis occurs.

I also have fears that are associated with things my parents said that I have remembered and overgeneralized and internalized as limiting beliefs. There were many things my parents said to me when I desperately wanted to be an actor and director, but was terrified of the difficulties in pursuing a career in theatre. The two things I remember confirmed my fears and gave me an excuse not to try: “It’s a shame you’ll never be able to make a living doing that,” and “You’ll need to get a real job someday.” Those justified my not putting myself out there and facing my fears perfectly. They formed all the excuses I needed to play it safe and small and not pursue my dreams.

In fact, they were so protective that I turned them into a general rule: You will never be able to make a living doing things you are good at and love; to earn money, your only choice is to get one of those awful, soul sucking corporate jobs where your creativity and compassion will be unacceptable.

Because I created this rule from things my parents said, I have an irrational fear that I will betray my parents if I change the rule. I know full well that I created the rule. And not only is that not a rule my parents would have tried to teach me, but what they want for me (my happiness) requires me to break the rule. I need to adapt to this reality.

Am I Ready?

I am as ready as I will ever be.
My desire is ripe.
I have the skills.
I have the need.

What I need is a leap of faith.
And although I am ready to take that leap of faith, I have a sense that I will not make it without a push.

So, I have a plan and a back-up plan.

My plan is a set of business tasks that will walk me into the new way of running a business.
My back-up plan is a new coach. One chosen specifically for their ability to see the magnificence and glory the lies beyond my fear and help me see it and want it so badly that the fear just melts behind me as I step over it.

I am ready.

This is what 2017 must hold for me.

This is part of Quest 2017, a 12-prompt process for annual planning. The prompt was provided by Linda Rottenberg, author of Crazy is a Compliment: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags.

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